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Good Morning Today I just want to clarify an issue about the actual level of goku. Many think that the only achievement of the universal goku is that with biils, but the fact is that the goku has a deed superior to the one I will show now. From the beginning, we'll show you whis and ford citations ( Ali says biils and champa would destroy both the universe 7 and the universe 6, but what does the goku level have to do? It's a simple thing that I hope you understand. if the battle of bile and champa would cause the destruction of both universes, it means that both together have a minimally multiversal energy, then there enters the PS of goku, in the power tournament the migatte in the goku goku has the quote of overcoming all the gods, but You can say that he did not overcome all together, but I have a simple logic to refute everything. For this we go to the toppo and jiren, both have a quote of being in the level of the gods (,yjbvHrd,ywgeKE6,vTjVgeY if they are at the level of the gods, both together have multiversal energy equal biils and champa, then I ask, goku with migatte in gokui is not superior to hakaishin toppo and jiren of the first fight against incomplete migatte? yea! goku is. then the goku being superior to two beings that are at the level of the gods that together has multiversal energy, UPA goku to such level for being superior to the two together, so there enters the PS of the goku being superior to the two together. I hope you have understood my logic.

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